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You are so passionate and knowledgeable about piano it only drives me more to learn and get better!

Ben Sherwood

I am very pleased with the choice of tutor and would certainly recommend lessons with Sabina to all who have a genuine desire to play.

Michael Lane

I feel so lucky... to have found such an excellent teacher for Will and would recommend her to anyone of any age.

Cari Rich

I think a teacher has a big influence on the enjoyment of your playing piano, I therefore feel privileged to have found Sabina.

John Mawby

Fantastic teacher with lots of patience. Has taught me exactly what I need and seems happy to go that extra mile. It's nice to see someone that is passionate about their job.

Vince Cobbold

Sabina is a great teacher and I always look forward to my lessons and I always leave feeling like I have achieved something and learnt something new.


Lucie thoroughly enjoys her piano lessons and is making excelent progress. That is all down to your hard work and patience. Thank you very much.


Sabina is a great teacher and very patient. After every lesson you really feel like you've come away having learnt something new every time! The lessons are very relaxed and I feel very at ease in her company. Sabina puts complicated things into simple terms and reminds you that piano should be fun, and it is!


Learning with Sabina was a challenge and a pleasure. She is very friendly and supportive but also makes sure you don't rest on your laurels which was perfect for me. I found that I was working on proper classical pieces right away from the start and two handed pieces by my third lesson.

I progressed much quicker than I would have thought possible and that was all down to Sabina. Simon Dolley

Piano lessons with Sabina are always something to look forward to each week, some teachers may say that it is a joy to teach but with Sabina it is definitly a joy to learn! Each lesson is structured around your weaknesses, helping you to improve and progress but in a fun and friendly environment. Sabina's bubbly and exciting personality shines through making learning for beginners a very comfortable experience. Her attention to detail ensures that you play to the best of your ability and learn every skill there is to learn when it comes to playing the piano. I love having lessons with Sabina and definitly see improvements in my playing every week!

Stephanie Annabelle Breadbury

If you are reading this, congratulations, you are about to get the best, most passionate piano teacher in Devon. Her students improve fast, they have fun doing it and really enjoy the process of learning the piano. Book her today while you still can!


It has been a true privilege for me to take piano lessons with Sabina. Being a teacher myself I am aware the great demanding task for a teacher is to be able to transfuse motivation and technicalities simultaneously in and subject to the students; Sabina seems to have achieved this feat quite effortlessly.

I must assert, with every lesson I leave with a feeling of confidence and motivation, and a feeling of knowing new stuff. Sabina is a very charming and intelligent person; every lesson has been a joy of learning and achieving something for me. I do find her musicality and passion for piano very inspiring.

I highly recommend her to any aspiring student of all ages.

Abul Kalam al Azad

We are so happy that we chose Sabina to help Lavinia develop her piano skills. We would not hesitate to recommend Sabina to anyone who is thinking of asking her to help either their children or indeed themselves. Her relaxed and fun method of teaching has really made Lavinia's confidence grow. Sabina is friendly, welcoming and adaptable. Our daughter just adores her and really looks forward to her weekly lessons, for us that is the most important thing.

Mr & Mrs Ramirez

Sabinas professional guidance and enthusiasm has exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend Sabina.

Alex Hurth

I am extremely pleased with Sabina as a piano tutor for my 5 year old daughter. She is very pateint with her and has established a great rapport. My daughter enjoys her lessons and always looks forward to them, and importantly she has made great progress in a very short time. Although I am tempted to keep her a secret I would happily recommend Sabina to anyone interested in learning to play piano.

O. Savanovic-Abel

Sabina Baugh's modern approach to teaching the piano is extremely effective and believe it or not a lot of fun. Gone are the days of overpowering knuckle wrapping formal teachers it seems!  From my first lesson with this new instrument Sabina made no big deal about the fact that I was sat in front of an actual piano excited and altogether nervous. She made me feel totally at ease and spoke to me as if I had already achieved something, I instantly felt that I had come to the right place.

Sabina is with you every step of the way note from note totally involved, if your finger happens to be in the wrong place she's moving them to the correct place whilst your playing. She will try any angle it seems to get your brain to remember it's amazing really:-)

I am now 3 months in and just finishing off my first J S Bach piece I'm absolutely delighted. 

If you can count from 1 to 7 and and know the letters A to G then you can learn with Sabina's help to read and play sheet music on the piano from the very first lesson.

Thanks to Sabina my dream has come true

Phil Cook

I used to sing in a choir based in Rame Head.

Now  I have decided to learn the piano instead.

Searched for a good teacher and duly unearthed.

A beautiful Russian Lady gifted from birth.

When I first met her she introduced herself as Sabina.

I was stunned by this gorgeous looking ballerina.

You have no idea what a rebel you have undertaken.

She simply smiled sweetly, you are mistaken.

I teach all ages, very soon my patience and skills will impart.

Piano music that will flow from nicely, straight from your heart.

The theory with expert help proved to be fairly easy.

Thoughts of tickling those ivories made me feel quite queasy.

There is a major problem, I do not look at the score,

Just do my own thing with pauses galore.

How she puts up with me is beyond comprehension.

I should be whipped soundly and put in detention.

I now read the music. play notes simultaneously but keep bopping.

Please use the correct fingers and play without stopping.

Sabina is constantly saying all these things to me.

I plough on doing it my way, quite normal one can see.

I was born a rebel and fortunately there is no change ahead.

I sometimes wonder why she does not stay in bed.

But its fun learning to play with a teacher who has patience and cares.

I hope to progress further if  even if it takes several years.

A surprise in store for her, bring a smile to that lovely face.

Play the correct notes. no swinging all in the proper place.

For anyone seeking a teacher I can definitely recommend .

Sabina Baugh  brilliant teacher and friend.

Trevor Bugdale

What a fantastic piano teacher we have found in Sabina.  Our 5 year old daughter is progressing so well under her tuition, lessons are fun for Lucy and she is improving week upon week. Sabina is so patient and knows how to get the best out of our daughter. If you don't think there is anyone around who can keep your young one focussed, think again.  A lovely woman with a brilliant teaching style, we couldn't be happier with Sabina!


My son has been learning piano with Sabina and has enjoyed his lessons immensely. He has progressed from having never sat at a piano and being unable to read music, to being able to confidently sight read with the ability to tackle difficult pieces. Sabina works with him to make him confident at playing all types of music including blues, rock and classical. This has enabled him to work out what styles of music he likes the most and makes sure he really enjoys every lesson.


Sabina is a great teacher knowing just when to encourage and just when to push me to try things I thought I'd never have the ability to attempt. I have taken up piano late in life and I am sure I would have given up by now had I not had the great fortune to meet Sabina!


Sabina has been teaching my son since he was 4 years old. (He is now 6.) I have been amazed by how she has been able to understand my son, and with patience and skill, introduce him to music and show him how to play the piano. It has had a positive effect on his reading and ability to concentrate.

Sabina herself is an enthusiastic, professional and knowledgable teacher who my son is very fortunate to have.


Sabina has inspired a very rusty pianist to take 'up the reins again' and to enjoy playing the piano in a way I have never done before.  Thank you


Since having piano lesson I've being a lot more confident in playing, also Sabina has a lot of patience and is very understanding 

Ellis & Jane Webber  

Sabina is an excellent teacher, we definitely made the right choice. Tia loves her lessons  - she has fun but learns at the same time, her first grading is testimonial to this as she passed with distinction! I cannot speak highly enough about Sabina, if you're looking for a tutor she is the one! 

Vicki Mair

I cannot recommend Sabina enough as the perfect piano tutor to guide you through the initially overwhelming process of learning the piano. Sabina's relaxed, friendly demeanour immediately puts you at ease, and lessons are always something to look forward to, rather than being a chore or a burden. Sabina ensures that learning is fun and often directed by the music you want to learn.

I am amazed at how far I have progressed since having lessons with Sabina. I now play with confidence and passion, and am always given a guiding hand or goal to achieve by Sabina, when needed. She has also introduced me to genres of music that I had never contemplated learning, such as the blues, and it has instilled within me a whole new love and appreciation of the piano.


My 6-year old daughter is relatively shy and often strays off-task, like a lot of little people, when she finds things hard. Sabina has managed from the get-go to focus my daughter's attention. Sabina always makes the lessons fun and offers plenty of enthusiastic encouragement. My daughter is growing in confidence as a result and absolutely adores her piano lessons - and Sabina! I can't recommend Sabina's teaching style enough.


Hi just wanted to say thanks Sabina for being a fantastic piano teacher. You must be very patient it can't be easy teaching me and thanks for getting  me an amazing deal on a new piano


Paul hesketh

As an adult learner I can highly recommend Sabina. Her obvious love of the subject

coupled with seemingly endless patience make lessons a joy.


Sabina has a natural gift for teaching piano, especially to children where she is very patient. My 7 year old daughter has learnt to play and read music very quickly. Sabina always makes the lessons fun and Libby looks forward to attending lessons.I would recommend Sabina to anyone as she is very professional and passionate about her craft!


My 7 year old son Alex had been learning piano at school for just over a year but only made limited progress. A few month ago he started lessons with Sabina and his skills have really come on. As a parent it’s great to sit in on the lesson so you can see what your child should be doing as this helps with practising at home. Sabina is very professional, Alex really likes the lessons and although they are fun they are very focused on learning. I would definitely recommend Sabina to other parents.


'Our daughter is very shy and finds it difficult to interact with people she does not know. We are very pleased with the way Sabina takes the time, has patients to judge the situation with her. Due to our daughters personality, progress is slightly slower than average but we are very happy with the way Sabina has adapted to this through a non-pressure approach. She is a great teacher.’  

John Harris

As an adult learner without any previous experience I can highly recommend Sabina's lessons. Without her help I suspect my piano would have ended up on eBay before the end of the year. Instead she was able to keep me interested in the pieces I was learning and helped me see the difference between playing a piece of music and playing it correctly.

Simon May

I have been a student of Sabina now for 8 months, and in that time I have been most impressed with her passion for the piano and her relaxed, natural teaching style. Sabina has the ability to understand just how hard to push me in each lesson, consequently I thoroughly enjoy each visit and have improved steadily. I would whole heartedly recommend Sabina.

Kelly Lockley

Zack started piano lessons with Sabina just a few months ago not having touched one before. Sabina has been so patient with him and Zack has learnt so much and thoroughly enjoys his lessons. Zack has additional needs and Sabina has been very accommodating with him.


I have been learning with Sabina for nearly a year now and she has always been friendly and polite. Sabina is passionate about her job and knows the art to teaching.


I was apprehensive about having piano lessons because of my age, sabina not only encourages learning for any age group,  she makes learning piano fun. She is very flexible whilst also offering direction and motivation. I am looking forward to taking my grade 1 piano in the summer of 2016.

Jenny Holmes