Sabina always loved music and started dancing lessons at the age of six years old. Her mother could see the love of music growing in her at such an early age and decided to take Sabina to a music school at the age of Eight. Sabina passed the exam to enroll and began Piano and music lessons from Grade 1. Sabina eventually completed all 8 grades but she wanted to take her music even further so she applied   to attend a music college.

"Teaching isn't my job, it's my passion"

After passing the entry exams she began a three year course of in-depth music theory and advanced techniques ranging from Classical to traditional (Russian) pieces of music. Sabina enjoyed studying music there as it inspired her to always strive to reach out to learn more and improve as a musician, this eventually led her into her teaching career at the young age of seventeen.

After a year of teaching Sabina moved to Plymouth, UK. She decided to attend a local competition ‘Saltash Music, Speech and Drama Festival 2004’ and won first place! This motivated her to begin her teaching career in the UK.

7 years later SB Piano Tuition came to be.

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